Web Developer, Email Developer, Designer & Marketer.

I'm Cherie Mugo. Welcome to my portfolio!

I'm excited to share my education, skills, work history, activities, and fun facts with you! See my credentials below and explore this page to learn more about me!

About Me

About Me

Creative. Friendly. Hard Working.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cherie Mugo, and I love web & email development.

If you are looking for help with your web site or email marketing goals or if you're looking for a hardworking web developer who loves creating new projects, then you should get in touch with me today to talk about your project!

My Skills



This is a technology that I have in my skillset to create modern, eye-catching emails for your subscribers and web pages for your online presence.

CSS Styling

Another technology that I have in my skillset to build professional looking web sites and emails.


I use Formilae software to create automations for your web site and send off thousands of emails daily.


Another technology in my skill set that will allow me to automate tasks such as automatic replies, abandoned cart reminder emails, etc. to help you save time and boost your revenue.

Web Content Writing

I am trained in web content writing if you need assistance with laying out marketing content for your web site or emails.

API Integration

Another technology in my skill set that will allow me to sync your contacts so that you can continue maintaining all your Square, GoDaddy, etc. subscribers in one place. It will also allow me to dynamically pull in your Google reviews/blog posts, etc into your web site and much more!

Email Portfolio

FastEagle Real Estate - Personalized Alert

View Project

Expecting Eats - Automatic Reply to Web Form

View Project

Savvy Girl Brand

View Project

Email Template Sample - Newsletter

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Web Site Portfolio

I build web sites for service-based businesses such as barber shops, coaches, etc, and sell them fully done for you with optional add-ons (i.e. booking calendar, chat window, etc). Below is a list of sites currently for sell. Note: The below web sites contain dummy text and a sample logo. After your purchase, I will insert your logo and requested text/wording/picture changes.

Barber Shops
Urban Cutz Demo Web Site | Price: $100


Throughout my career, I've honed my skills in creating dynamic and user-friendly websites and applications. I look forward to bringing my wealth of knowledge to your projects. Here are a three of several certificates that I've earned through my years in programming. Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to see more.

Cherie Mugo
(formerly known as Cherie Glenn)

ASP.NET Development

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C# Development

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HTML Email Mastery

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Cherie was very responsive to my needs for setting up systems for my private practice with added benefit of AI & VA. She was helpful in setting up my intake forms & CRM. I highly recommend her.

-Lois V.


Cherie not only helped me seamlessly migrate my email campaigns but also went above and beyond to ensure that my new templates aligned perfectly with my brand identity & provided personalized tutorials and follow-ups to address any questions.

-Faith T.


Cherie was professional and response time was amazing. I like to move quickly on things and often find myself waiting on others... not Cherie! She was great to work with and I would highly recommend her services.

-Rachel R.


Blog Posts

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