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Lead Generation and Management

Streamline your lead generation and management process with our powerful tools and features. Our platform enables you to efficiently collect and organize data from potential leads, ensuring seamless communication and conversion.

  • Collect leads through our Chat Widgets/Plugins, booking calendar, web forms
  • Virtual Assistants available to assist with setup.
  • Manually input leads or upload from a spreadsheet
  • Custom import of existing leads by request
  • Send mass emails and mass text messages to your leads through your dashboard
  • Enter internal notes for your leads

Our lead generation and management tools are constantly evolving to meet the demands of the digital age. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that our platform integrates seamlessly with the latest advancements, including AI technology. By harnessing the power of AI, we empower businesses to optimize their lead generation process and stay ahead of the competition. Our commitment to staying up-to-date with industry trends allows us to provide you with cutting-edge solutions that drive results. Discover the possibilities of integrated AI technology and revolutionize your lead management strategy with our innovative tools.

Case Management

Build questionnaires in minutes and link them with our case management system. Client portal designed so that users can log in add/save/edit forms for later.

  • Our online service has the ability to combine multiple forms & questionnaires needed to collect data from users.
  • Automated conversion from web forms to PDF as an option.. Insert customizable PDF coverletters when combining pages
  • Set up workflow of forms for users to fill.
  • Review and approve the forms, request revisions, conversion to pdf, collect e-signatures and more

Government forms can change from year to year, and our form generation tools are designed for flexibility. Combine any number of forms into a single workflow for your clients to complete. Review and download completed collections or one-by-one.

Web-based Intake Forms

Our online services allows you deliver an exceptional client / patient experience that's convenient for them and efficient for you.

Turn internet savvy visitors into new clients by embedding a form into your web site or send a link to them after booking

  • Customizable form links, collect the needed signatures needed all before your client or patient's next visit.
  • Options to embed html forms into your already existing web sites.
  • Popular with massage or physical therapists.
  • Administration portal provided to review client intake history, create/edit SOAP notes and more.

Demo a Live Customizable Intake Form

Customer-driven features

Formilae cloud software is designed to grow with your business. (Also, we are not a "high level" reseller, but our software is developed in house from the ground up.) Many companies provide similar services, but they control what features are available to you. With our service, feature updates are available at your request. Our developers are here for you with 24/7 support.

  • Lock down an hourly rate for feature change requests with a yearly subscription.
  • Developers & AI Engineers standing by to estimate change/feature requests to center around your business.
  • Delivery date estimate provided after feature/change requested.
  • Administration portal provided to enable/disable new/already existing features.
  • Custom AI development to speed up repetitive tasks for your business.

Surveys and Questionnaires for your clients or employees

Build single to multi-page web applications in minutes for any type of survey or questionnaire. Listen to your customers for lasting profits or collect needed data online from your clients/visitors.

  • Form-builder tool & Survey/Questionnaire generator
  • Mass e-mailing feature for your clients/leads or internal employees.
  • Send a public link to your survey/questionnaire, or embed the html provided into your web/social media pages.

AI Automation & Chat Bot Design

Formilae offers custom chat bot design with and without the use of AI. Our AI automation services also help you speed up repetitive tasks and save you valuable time. Our team of expert developers can work with you to train Chat GPT bots with your own custom data or address your business challenges and goals, whether it's for use in your web forms or a chat bot.

  • AI automation tasks and AI knowledge-base chat bots
  • Have your own Chat GPT or Chat Bot designed and trained with your custom data.
  • Large Text Parsers to train your chat bot/widget with your own data
  • Transcript of chat conversations available
  • Lead Generation from chat conversations

Booking Calendar With Text Alerts

Our booking calendar offers convenient text alerts for clients, customizable booking times for administrators, and automatic email alerts for attendees and organizers. With our booking calendar, you can easily manage your appointments and ensure that everyone involved stays informed and on schedule.

  • Text alerts: Clients can opt-in to receive text reminders one hour before their scheduled appointments.
  • Customizable availability: Administrators can easily manage their available booking times and temporarily block off dates when they will be unavailable.
  • Email alerts: Attendees and organizers receive automatic email alerts when a new booking is made, ensuring that everyone stays informed and up-to-date.
  • Direct communication: Administrators can easily text attendees directly from the booking calendar in case of cancellations or other important updates.

Personal Virtual Assistant

We value our customers' feedback, and we understand that while some prefer to explore our tools independently, others may have limited time to dedicate to learning them. That's why we offer all Formilae subscribers the option to have a dedicated virtual assistant set up the various tools for you.

  • Expert Assistance: Our virtual assistants are trained experts proficient in setting up our tools, ensuring a smooth experience for you.
  • Accessible Support: Virtual assistants are available during all business hours via text, email, and Zoom calls, providing real-time assistance when you need it.
  • Comprehensive Setup: They assist with the setup of various tools, including the booking calendar manager, the form builder tool, chatbot widget manager, FAQ setup manager, survey/intake form setup managers, and all other setup tools.
  • Hassle-Free Onboarding: Let us handle the technical details, so you can focus on your core tasks and get the most out of our platform.

Mass E-mailing & Text-Messaging

With your subscription to Formilae, you can grow and manage e-mail/lead lists in our dashboard tool with mass-email and texting capabilities.

  • Send mass e-mails to your leads/clients.
  • Grow your e-mail list using our easy-to-build web forms.
  • Text your clients right from your dashboard. (One-way and two-way text messaging available with conversation history.)
  • Upload existing leads or request import of leads from any system with integration capabilities (i.e. IDX software).

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Comprehenstive Suite

All-in-One Features

Live Chat Windows

Social media scheduler across multiple social media platforms

Additional Logins for your Virtual Assistant/Social Media Manager

Personal Virtual Assistant

Request new features at any time

Send Mass E-mails

Automated Text Messaging

Auto generation of web forms to PDF

Portal and logins for your clients or users

Form builder tool to build your web forms in minutes

Collect data from your users instead of the old-fashioned way and eliminate paper

Chat GPT/OpenAI/Chat bot or Knowledge-base design and training with your custom data

Get analytical data with graphs and reports. Dashboard tool available

Case tracking and Management

User Roles and permission settings



Introducing Our New AI-Driven Chat Bot System!

Upgrade your customer support and enhance your business efficiency with our new AI-driven chat bot system. Train the bot easily in FAQ format, set it up effortlessly with user-friendly interfaces, and enjoy seamless retraining without additional development time. Experience exceptional customer support with advanced conversational AI techniques that understand and respond to natural language, creating a more engaging and personalized experience for your users. Discover the power of artificial intelligence in action today!

Who Uses Formilae

Featured Industries We Can Support:

  • Realtors – Property Showing Management, Lead Management
  • Immigration Online Software for Attorneys/Consultants (E-filing / Review / Approval of client documents)
  • Massage Therapist Online Software – Including Case Notes & Soap Notes for Intake Forms
  • Coaches & Non-Profits

Featured Product

Featured Module

Massage/Physical Therapist Intake Service

Our Massage intake service enables providers to automatically and electronically collect health information and e-signatures directly from clients remotely. Options to request feature updates as add-on for your specific business needs.

  • Send a link to your clients after booking or embed the form into your web site booking page
  • Administration portal to see a history of visits and intake forms.
    Demo a Live Customizable Intake Form
  • Add/Edit SOAP Notes to client record

Pricing starting at 69/month. (If you have a promotion code, you will be able to enter it later.) Click below to sign up...


Our Pricing

We've put together various tiers of affordable pricing according to the amount of user accounts and disk space needed in order to fit your business needs. With no annoying up-charges, you get unlimited forms and use of all features, no matter what tier. An existing web site is recommended in order to take advantage of all features of our software packages. We offer free web page template designs with an upfront payment to one of our subscription plans. (See details below.)

Formilae connects to various popular tools to automate your mission-critical processes.

About Us

Formilae is a subscription-based web application development and artificial intelligence automation agency located in Lakeland, FL. We specialize in creating lead generation, lead/client management, and AI automation solutions for businesses. Our comprehensive suite of digital forms, chat widgets, and more cater to companies worldwide. We are dedicated to enhancing your business operations by streamlining the collection and organization of data from your valuable users and leads.

Experience increased efficiency and effectiveness in automating repetitive tasks and managing your leads with our state-of-the-art tools and expertise. We are committed to creating new and innovative ways to support your business in this process. Get in touch with us today and unlock the full potential of your business by harnessing our expertise in lead generation and automated customer service. Let us show you how we can drive your success to new heights.

Other providers in the industry cater to millions of people around the globe, sacrificing valued customer service. Support is simply hard to come by these days. We are committed to providing 24 hour support and a personal project manager will be assigned to assist your business with achieving its goals.

Our experienced developers have over 20+ years in the cloud software business, with experience in AI prompt engineering and software development across many fields. Schedule a demo.

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